Profile: Yasmin Murfitt, Operations Administrator

Profile: Yasmin Murfitt, Operations Administrator

Our company is well known for providing a first class luxury chauffeur service, however, in order to provide this service we need a well-established team of professionals.

As a business, we are very lucky to have the team that we do, as without them we would be unable to provide luxury chauffeur services. Each person has brought something new to the table, and the personalities that we have, work very well together. One of these remarkable people is Yasmin Murfitt, otherwise known as Yaz.

Yaz has been with us since the beginning of 2018 after taking a temporary position. However, we soon realised that we could not let her leave and very quickly offered her a full-time position. Providing a wonderful personality if you have had the chance to speak to Yaz you will quickly understand why we love her.

What Does Yaz Do?

Arriving at 06:00 am Yaz’s job is to ensure the smooth and efficient running of the office in the morning. When arriving Yaz will check the daily schedule to ensure that every client has a driver as well as what time each flight will depart and arrive on that day.

Aside from this Yaz also maintains a good relationship between the office and our drivers. She ensures that all files are regularly updated and keeps track of drivers during the day. Before leaving Yaz then hands over the days work to Sian to ensure that the office continues to run well throughout the day.

What is Yaz Like?

Kind-hearted, Yaz works very well within our team and brings her fun and bubbly personality to everything that she does. Sian Perkins, our Marketing Admin Assistant, says that Yaz is friendly, polite and fun and certainly brings life to the office. Aside from her role in our business Yaz is a trained hairdresser, which for us is an added bonus to her wonderful personality.

If you do happen to call us in the morning, you may just end up speaking to Yaz, and we can assure you that would be greeted kindly, and your needs met in a quick and professional manner.

For further information on our luxury chauffeur services or to book a journey with us, please call 01223 525354 or email us at