Profile: Kat Riches, Operations Co-Ordinator

Profile: Kat Riches, Operations Co-Ordinator

Here at Milton Executive Cars, we pride ourselves in ensuring that each customer receives the appropriate care and attention whether they are using our private car airport transfer or travelling to and from a meeting or conference.

In order to do this, we require a team of hard-working and friendly people. We were really lucky the day that Kat Riches contacted us.

Straight away after meeting her, we realised that she was a perfect fit for our small family run business and thankfully after offering her a position she accepted. This was over two years ago, and since then she has been a real support to the company, that’s why we would now never let her leave!

What does Kat do?

Extremely dedicated and hardworking Kat is our Operations Co-ordinator, she works as the main booker for the company and may very well be the first voice you hear when you call to book a journey with us. Bookings come in 24/7 from hundreds of different clients, and while there are a number of us that work at Milton Executive Cars, Kat is full of information on almost every single client. She can give you any information on all of our accounts at the click of a button due to her advanced company knowledge.

However, Kat also has other duties and deals with the maintenance of our entire fleet as well as all of our drivers. She also helps to ensure that we have a driver for each and every journey whether our clients are travelling to a meeting or using our private car airport transfer.

What is Kat like?

As an extremely busy service we very rarely have a quiet moment, but during the busiest times, Kat is there to lend a hand while also brightening up the office with her bubbly personality. Business manager Claire Thompson describes Kat as a diligent, efficient and fun to be around member of the team and it’s safe to say that the rest of us agree.

However, not only is Kat a dedicated employee she is also a doting mother of two. She handles all duties in her stride and even during our busiest periods still makes plenty of time for her family.

Over the years we have got to know many people that have worked with us in some way, but it is safe to say there is no one quite like Kat and we feel privileged to have her as part of our team. So, the next time you call to book with us Kat may be the one to answer the phone.

To book a private car airport transfer, please use our online booking system or contact us today on 01223 525354.