Profile: Claire Thompson, Business Manager

Profile: Claire Thompson, Business Manager

Over recent weeks our executive chauffeur company has undergone various changes, and while our clients can see not all of these, we assure you that we are continually evolving to suit your needs better.

However, to ensure that we offer the very best service, it’s imperative that the leader behind all of this is well versed and knowledgeable in this area. Which is why as an executive chauffeur company we are incredibly lucky to have Claire Thompson as our Business Manager.

Many of you will no doubt have already spoken to Claire on some occasions, just like everyone on our team, she is hands-on and often takes bookings. But for those of you that have not had the pleasure of speaking to Claire, we thought it best to introduce her especially to you.

What Does Claire Do?

Each day Claire manages the running of the office, ensuring that the day goes to plan. As well as this she also allocates the drivers to each journey, making sure that each client receives a driver that is best suited to the job.

As well as this Claire also provides the strategic overview for the company and handles all things related to the running of the business. Working alongside the other team members, she also handles any unforeseen circumstances that may arrive during the day, such as a last minute booking.

What is Claire Like?

As our company is family run and we are a small team we feel that Claire definitely brings us all together. Although we all have individual roles to play; we work best as a team. Sian Perkins, our marketing admin assistant, describes Claire as hands-on, efficient and dedicated. As well as managing the business Claire is also a mum of two and works hard to ensure that both her family and work life are well cared for. We can undoubtedly say Claire is hardworking and valued in our team.

We tell you this so that you are aware that just like yourselves we work hard at what we do and hope that it reflects in our services.

For more information on our executive chauffeur services or to book, please contact us today.