5 Simple Ways To Stop Travel Sickness for Children

If you're going on an October half term holiday but are dreading the travel with kids, here's our top tips on how to reduce the symptoms of motion sickness.

Travel sickness is the worst. Most of us have experienced it at some point in our lives but travelling with children that suffer isn’t nice for anyone. If you have an upcoming flight or your children suffer from motion sickness in the car, here are five ways to help reduce the symptoms.

Choose their seats wisely

Where you sit on transport can have a huge effect on how you feel if you suffer from motion sickness. Therefore, on planes try to get a seat in the middle over the wing. If you are travelling by ferry, find a seat on the lower level in the centre of the ship. When travelling in a car or on a train, never sit backwards to your direction of travel.

Avoid heavy foods

Before setting off, make sure you have eaten something light. Eating heavy foods before travelling can aggravate the stomach causing you to feel more ill. However, make sure you don’t have an empty stomach as this can have the same effects. If you tend to get motion sickness, taking small sips of a fizzy drink can help settle the stomach.

Allow them to sit in the front

If you are travelling in a car, sit in the front if possible and focus on a fixed point on the horizon. This will help minimise motion and feelings of sickness. A RAC study found that sitting in the backseat of a car is the worst place for motion sickness, so make sure to sit up front, or if they are too young, sit them in the middle so they can still look out the front window.

Play games where they don’t look down

Avoid looking down at handheld devices or reading a book as this can significantly make feelings of nausea worse. Instead, try and look ahead out of the front window and take your mind off feeling ill with games such as eye spy, or count how many red cars you see.

Open a source of fresh air

If possible, open a window to let fresh air in. Sitting in a stuffy, overheated car or train carriage will only make you feel worse. Likewise, if you are travelling by boat, try and get some fresh air on the open deck.

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