3 Ways We Ensure Your Privacy

We guarantee privacy on all of our journeys and have built a strong reputation in always delivering this promise. Here's three ways we protect you.

We understand how important privacy is to our clients and have built trust ensuring this. As a professional service, our chauffeurs are more than just drivers and know that anything they see or hear inside the vehicle is strictly confidential. Therefore, when booking with us your privacy is guaranteed – here’s why:

Data Protection

All personal information is protected by GDPR and we never pass on any to third parties. We also have systems in place to ensure access to personal information is restricted to authorised individuals only on a strictly need-to-know basis. Read more on our privacy policy here.

Our Vehicles

To ensure discretion, some of our private hire vehicles have darkened windows which protects the client’s identity if needed. 

Our Chauffeurs

All of our chauffeur’s adhere to GDPR and know how important client privacy is. During the journey, our chauffeurs will also only engage in conversation if guided by the passenger to respect their privacy.