5 Reasons You Should Become A Member Of Your Local Chambers Of Commerce

Joining your local chamber of commerce has numerous benefits. From helping to promote your business to providing practical support, here are five ways the chamber can help you.

What is a Chamber of Commerce?

A Chamber of Commerce is a membership organisation that helps promote and protect the interests of the business community. Events are organised at a local level nationwide and are held monthly.

Why should I become a member?

Being a member opens you up to networking opportunities, a chance to deepen local relationships and promote business activity. Here’s how:

1. Network and build new relationships

Monthly networking events are held across the UK to connect businesses with each other. Whether it’s at an exhibition, a conference or a seminar to share ideas, attending these will expand your business connections and open new opportunities organically.

2. Marketing your business

Being a member gives you the opportunity to promote your business through submitting your company news to the Chambers of Commerce monthly magazine and website. As well as this, if you engage with the Chamber on social media, they can raise your profile amongst their 5,500 followers, giving you a boost of publicity.

3. Get practical support

Whether you need advice on payroll or specialist expertise, your Chamber membership includes support in a variety of areas. Some of these include legal protection, how to increase sales, exploring business opportunities overseas, and cost-savings.

4. Publicity Boost

To run a successful business, people need to know who you are. The best way to achieve this is to get out there and promote yourself both online and offline and the Chambers of Commerce can help give you this exposure. As well as attending networking events, every time you are mentioned by the chamber, you will get yourself a free link.

5. Gain trust from the community

Potential and existing customers like to know who they are getting a service from and being part of your local Chamber gives you the credibility you need. As well as being part of their directory, attending their events will also make you a well-know, face in the local business community, creating potential new leads.