How To Prepare For An Early Morning Flight

Do you find it difficult to get up for an early morning flight? Well, whether you need an airport transfer to Stansted, Gatwick or Luton, follow our tips to make your morning as easy as possible.

Flying out early is hard. The feeling of no sleep, the anticipation of the stressful journey to the airport, and the slight worry that you haven’t quite remembered everything is reason enough to want to crawl back into bed.

But, with early morning flights being less likely delayed and the bonus of having an extra day abroad, we think this is reason enough to get over one sleepless night. So, here are our tips on how to prepare.

Get your tickets ready

The first thing you need to do is check your flight tickets. Do they need to be printed or can you scan them on your phone? Either way make sure you print them the night before or don’t forget to charge your phone.

Book your Cambridge airport transfer

Save the stress and book one our chauffeur driven cars to take you to the airport. Not only will they guarantee you get there on time, they will also help you with your luggage, provide fresh bottled water, and stay alert while you have a sleep in the back – if you want to.

Check your weight allowance

Whether you are taking carry-on luggage or checking in, do a quick weigh-in at home. Airlines have strict baggage allowances they adhere to and weighing beforehand will save the stress of having to remove contents at the airport.

Take a travel cushion

We all know how hard it is to get comfy on a plane, therefore taking a travel cushion is vital. Not only does it help with neck ache, it also allows you to catch up on the missed sleep from the night before.

Go to bed early

The day before your flight it is important to make sure you eat dinner earlier, have everything planned and printed, and set an early bedtime. Although it’s hard to sleep properly the night before a flight, try to fit in as many ‘zzz’ as you can.

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