Discover Cambridge’s Top 5 Luxury Restaurants To Try Now

Have you got a special occasion coming up? Explore Cambridge’s luxury dining scene to help you celebrate.

Food is one of life’s pleasures. Therefore, what better way to come together than to dine at a luxury restaurant? Cambridge is home to a variety of eateries, so whether you prefer elegance or a quirky setting, there are plenty of places to choose from.



Named as one of the best restaurants in the UK by Time Out, Trinity lives up to its expectations. Situated in the centre of Cambridge, this restaurant oozes elegance and luxury dining and is sister to The Varsity. Focused mainly on fresh fish and meat, its quality menu oozes flavour and oysters and champagne to die for.

Trinity Restaurant, 15 Trinity St, Cambridge, CB2 1TB


The Oak Bistro

Known well for its beautiful walled garden, The Oak Bistro is just as lovely inside for the colder days. Its menu boasts ‘full’ flavours such as duck, halibut and beef, but keeps everything traditional with quality ingredients. Come here for an extensive wine-list, impeccable service and home-made food.

The Oak Bistro, 6 Lensfield Rd, Cambridge, CB2 1EG


Midsummer House

Perhaps the most luxurious, fine dining venue in Cambridge, Midsummer House is famous for a reason. The elegant, Victorian-era villa is set on the banks of the River Cam and has been awarded two Michelin stars. Taste an array of freshly prepared seasonal food with their eight-course tasting menu which will introduce you to flavours you never thought possible.

Midsummer House, Midsummer Common, Cambridge, CB4 1HA


The Old Bicycle Shop

If you’re looking for a vegan or vegetarian friendly dining experience, The Old Bicycle Shop offers an extensive menu that caters for both non-meat eaters and meat eaters alike. From fillet steak to tempeh posh kebabs, this venue is quirky, cool and has a relaxed atmosphere for those who prefer a little luxury with a laid-back feel.

The Old Bicycle Shop, 104 Regent St, Cambridge, CB2 1DP



Located inside the high-end Gonville Hotel, Cotto presents beautifully presented courses crafted by accomplished Chef, Hans Schweitzer, that will impress you with the array of textures and flavours. The ambience in here is perfect for a special celebration, especially if you are seated next to the window, and customers often praise the excellent service they receive here too.

Cotto, Gonville Pl, Cambridge CB1 1LY

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