If you need an airport shuttle from Cambridge to Heathrow or any other major UK airport, follow our top tips on what to consider when choosing a chauffeur company to travel with.

When booking an airport shuttle, it goes without saying that your chosen chauffeur service needs to get you to the airport on time. But, what about the little details that ensure you get there with no problems? Who will let you know if your flight is delayed? How can you guarantee your luggage will fit in the car? Will they meet and greet you on arrival at the airport? These are just a few of the questions you should be asking before booking a chauffeur service to ensure everything will go smoothly on your travels.

Are they easy to find in arrivals?

When you have just arrived in a country, the last thing you want is to not be able to find your driver. Therefore, how easy does the company make it to find their drivers? Do they hold a sign at arrivals, or have a designated waiting spot for you to meet them at?

Will your luggage fit in the car?

If you have several large suitcases, they may not fit in a standard airport shuttle. Therefore, the provider should always ask you about your luggage to ensure they send the right vehicle to cater to your needs. This may be an MPV or an 8-Seater.

Will they work out timings for you?

A reputable airport transfer service will work out timings for you. If you call them, they can let you know when you will need picking up to make your flight on time and be there when you land.

Do they track flights?

Unfortunately, delays and cancellations are part of travelling and sometimes cannot be helped. But, to save any stress, look for a business that tracks flights so they will know if your flight is delayed or cancelled so they can rearrange your drops offs and pick ups to the new times.

Does the company have a good reputation?

Do your research and look at a prospect company’s reviews online and ask your friends and family if they have used them before. Local airport shuttle businesses that are reputable, trustworthy and reliable will always stand out.

As a airport shuttle company, we know how important these details are and will cover everything to make sure your journey is impeccable and practical. Go to our homepage to book online now, call 01223 525354 or email info@miltonexecutivecars.com.