Long haul can be tedious even for the seasoned flyer. After watching a few films, it can be hard to get comfortable or know what to do next to entertain yourself. Have a look at our simple tips below to make the journey bearable.

As Qantas airlines starts testing it’s 20 hour direct flights from London to Sydney next month, the biggest question still is: Could you handle being on a plane for 20 hours? A space for passengers to stretch their legs has been opted for over a gym and bunkbeds, so it looks like entertaining yourself for 20 hours is still the challenge.

If the test flights are successful, Qantas airlines hopes to start commercial flights as early as 2022. So, if you do not like changing flights or having a stopover, this may be the flight for you. Here’s how to keep yourself entertained, whether you are flying for ten hours or 20.

Take a travel cushion

A travel cushion will be your new best friend on a long-haul flight. It supports your neck, is comfortable, and allows you to fall asleep without worrying you will end up on your neighbour’s shoulder.

Bring snacks

People often forget that you can take food from home on to a flight with only some exceptions. You can take homemade sandwiches, crisps, cake, fruit and vegetables in carry-on luggage in the UK, so be organised and save yourself a lot of money from on-board snacks. 

Pack an eye mask

Even if you do not wear an eye mask at home when sleeping, take one for your flight. It will block out any light as well as be a good excuse if you do not get on well with your neighbour. Just put your eye mask on, ear phones in and zone out.

Buy a bestseller

What is a better way to pass time than to read? Use this time to pick up that book you have been meaning to read but have not had time to do so and start. No doubt you will quickly get hooked and not be able to put it down – making time go even faster for you. 

Wear comfy clothes

You are going to be sitting down for at least six hours so make sure what you are wearing is comfortable. That means loose fitting, breathable clothes that allow you to move, not dig into you and that you can relax in. If you need to be somewhere important as soon as you step off the plane, bring your outfit in a carry-on so you can get changed before the plane lands.

Don’t forget headphones

Podcasts and music will get you through when you have had enough of watching the in-flight entertainment. Therefore, do not forget your headphones – they may even save you from a snorer who is nearby.

Walk around 

It is ideal to walk around and stretch your legs once an hour on a long-haul flight. If you get cramps while sitting, you can also do some stretches in your chair, for example, roll your ankles and point your toes back and forth to stretch your calves. 

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