Before you book a chauffeur service in Cambridge for executive travel, check out our top things to look for to make sure you are getting the best service possible.

Credibility is a key component of any successful business. It allows you, the customer, to know that the service you will receive is reliable, competent and to a high standard.

But, with so many chauffeur service companies out there, how do you know who to book with? Is it better to go with a nationwide company or with someone local? Who’s going to give you the better service and value for money?

Whether you’re looking for executive travel for the first time or are a seasoned traveller, don’t miss these tips on what to look for before booking a chauffeur service in Cambridge.


What’s the first thing we do when we want a service? We Google it. 

Reputation matters so check company reviews online. Who wrote them? What do they say? A local chauffeur company may have fewer reviews but if they are all really positive, they may be worth a try.

However, word of mouth is still invaluable. Therefore, look local and speak to your friends and family about chauffeur services they would recommend too.

Also, to check how consistent a company is, take a look at their online presence. Are they updating customers online? Have they been active on social media in the last week? 

If a company is consistent and has an active presence online, it usually is a reflection of them as a company. They care about keeping their clients up-to-date and sharing what’s going on in their day. They know transparency is key to being successful.


When booking executive travel you want to know the chauffeur is going to be there on time. There’s no argument about this, they have to be reliable. But, how can you really check this? 

Booking with a chauffeur company instead of a local taxi guarantees a timely arrival. Our chauffeurs arrive at the clients pick-up point 10 minutes before the journey starts to ensure this. Chauffeurs pride themselves on the exceptional service they deliver – and that means always being on time.

Not only will your chauffeur be there on time, they will also meet and greet you in the airport, hold a board with your name on and always wait for you no matter what. That’s what we do at Milton Executive Cars every time.


It’s always worth looking into the company’s story on their website to find out who they are and where they come from to make sure their values align with yours.

Are they a family business or a big corporate company? Who are the people behind-the-scenes ensuring your bookings happen? Can you trust them?

When booking a chauffeur service you haven’t booked with before, it can be a bit nerve-wracking on whether they will be there or not on the day. Therefore, other than researching them online, why not ask for a quote over the phone if it’s your first time?

By phoning the company directly, you will get the chance to find out who you’re speaking to and what sort of company they are. Do they answer the phone? Do they sound professional? Did you feel comfortable about how to book with them?

As much as you can research online, sometimes a voice can tell you everything you need to know.


Making sure a company is properly licensed is essential for your safety. All chauffeurs must have a private hire license in the UK which shows they have undergone strict tests to ensure they are suitable to drive the public.

These include knowledge tests, a driving test, a DBS check and a safeguarding course.

Although every chauffeur company should be properly licensed, if you want to make sure they are fully licensed you can find out which council they are licensed with in their terms and conditions.

Hidden Costs

Always look for hidden costs before booking. As a pre-booked service, many chauffeur services will take your card details before the journey takes place and will charge you after it has happened. This is because the chauffeur does not take the money in the vehicle, unlike a taxi.

Therefore, it is important to check if there are any hidden costs the company has not been clear about. Is there VAT? Are you charged for any extras you would like?

As a VAT-registered company, Milton Executive Cars have to add VAT onto all journeys, however, we are always very clear of the overall price at the time of booking so there are no surprises.

Recruitment Policy

The simplest way of checking how a chauffeur service company recruits their drivers is to look at their recruitment page. This is important as the chauffeurs are the face of the business and will be the person interacting and serving the client.

Do they look for licensed chauffeurs who have a suitable vehicle? Do they check all their documents and licenses to make sure they are trustworthy? Do they check references?

The chauffeurs are so important in the private hire industry and making sure the company you are looking at has strict guidelines to make sure they only have the best is important for both them and you in terms of safety, reliability and reputation.

What’s their contact number?

This may seem strange but checking whether a chauffeur company has a mobile or landline phone number as their contact number can tell you whether this is a reputable company or a single chauffeur running a company while on the road.

Depending on your needs and whether you want to book with a company or a single operator is completely up to you, but be aware of this. In our experience, companies with a landline are always there for you and can be rung at anytime. However, if a single operator is working from a mobile phone, they may not be as available to answer, for example, if they are driving a client.

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