Treat yourself this November with a luxury ride in one of our chauffeur-driven cars. Whether you’re going on holiday for some winter sun or need a lift for your relative, we’re here to provide the first-class service you deserve.

You deserve to treat yourself. Our chauffeurs make your journey that extra little bit special by taking care of the details. From the moment we text you on arrival to let you know we’re outside, to the moment we open the door to your destination, all bases are covered. Here’s the seven ways our chauffeurs make your journey special.

Text on arrival

We will always send a text when we arrive at your pick-up location so you can come out when you are ready. There’s nothing worse than an early pick-up and getting a knock at the door waking everyone up carelessly. Relax knowing we will be outside for you discreetly and on time.

Keep refreshed

Our chauffeurs will offer a free bottle of water during your journey to keep you hydrated and refreshed. When you’re in a rush to get going it’s easy to forget a drink for the journey, so relax knowing we have all bases covered.

Free wifi

All our vehicles have free wifi for your journey. So, whether you have kids in the car and want to stream a film or are on your way to a business meeting and need to do your emails, there’s no need to worry about losing connection.

Temperature to suit you

Everyone is different with how warm they like the car to be when travelling, but when you travel with us, we will always put the temperature at a comfortable level to suit you. If you would like it changing at any point during your journey, just ask your chauffeur.

Friendly faces

Our clients often email in praising our chauffeurs for their friendliness and professionalism. Hiring a chauffeur for your journey guarantees first-class customer service, from opening the car door for you to respecting your privacy if wanted.

Help with luggage

Whether you have booked us for airport transfers or to pick up an elderly relative, we will always help with bags. Therefore, there’s no need to worry about lifting heavy luggage if you are travelling alone.

Meet and greet

Our chauffeurs will always come and meet you in arrivals at the airport with a nameboard. We have dedicated meeting points nearby to make the process smoother and less crowded so you can get on with your journey as quickly as possible.

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