Booking a Stress-Free Holiday Transfer

When we work so hard all year, so we want to make the most of our downtime. That most definitely includes our annual holiday! Holidays start the night before you fly for most people, when you have packed up and you are setting that early alarm. That’s why it’s important to start your holiday the right way, and there is nothing better than knowing that a driver will arrive and transfer you to the airport.

Far from being an expensive option, holiday transfers give you the flexibility to cut costs elsewhere, such as airport parking and reducing the overall cost of your holiday by flying in and out of 2 different airports.  For larger parties, often booking an MPV to pick up several passengers works out cheaper than booking airport parking. 

To ensure your holiday starts off stress-free, follow our simple tips for booking your holiday airport transfers.


The pick-up time of your trip is of paramount importance to ensuring your trip starts in the best way.  No-one wants the stress of rushing to catch a flight.  Think about what time you want to arrive at the airport.  Do you want to be there to simply check in and go through security, or do you want to get a meal before your flight, or indulge in some duty free and therefore need extra time?

Most passengers will ask us for guidance when booking in the times for their pick-ups, and we are happy to help.  Traffic conditions vary day-to-day and we will be best placed to help you if you are unsure.  Just let us know your requirements and we will do the rest.


Holiday Transfers

First off, it is important to know the size of vehicle you require for your holiday transfers.  Even if only 2 people are travelling, if you are taking more than 2 large and 2 small cases, you may run in to a bit of difficulty with space in a saloon car.  Our fleet page shows you our range of vehicles and how many suitcases you can expect them to accommodate.  Our booking agents are also happy to offer advice.

Also, you should think about the vehicle you want!  For little extra cost, start your holiday in style with and upgrade to a Mercedes S-Class for an extra special start to your break away!  With more room in the back, you can stretch out and maybe even get in some more sleep before your flight.


Check your confirmations!  The same way you would check your flight tickets, check your airport transfer confirmation.  This will detail all the points of your booking.  From pick-up time to addresses for pick-up and drop off.  It is important to check that you are happy with all the details you have been sent through.  Are there any details that would have been sensible to provide your holiday transfer company with?  If you live somewhere that is difficult to find (especially at 4am!), it is always best to provide that information in advance. The chauffeur can then research that the night before, making your trip to the airport seamless.

For your return journey, your confirmation should also state where your driver will be waiting in the arrivals hall.

Set an alarm!

In fact, set two!! That is always our advice to any new chauffeur that comes to work with us.

It is more common than you think that our chauffeurs arrive at addresses and no lights are on in the house and alarm bells start to ring! By setting two alarms, this gives you peace of mind and you can sleep well the night before you travel.  There is nothing worse than being woken by the phone ringing and needing to rush at the last minute.

Set a time on your alarm that gives you enough time to get ready and do a final check of everything before you leave. When you rush, that is when items are forgotten. We have lost count of the times we have had to return for passports!

Flight Numbers and Schedule Changes

Giving your chauffeur service your returning flight number enables your driver to meet you, regardless of any early arrivals or flight delays. Like a baby never normally arrives on its due date, flights do not tend to arrive on time! On long haul flights, it is not unusual for flights to arrive up to an hour early, and the last thing you want when you have stepped off your flight is to be waiting for a driver.

With short haul flights, sometimes you are aware of delays before the airlines update the internet.  If you are aware of a schedule change or a significant delay, it is always worth a quick call to the taxi company to make them aware.

Regardless of what time your flight arrives, you can guarantee that we will have been monitoring it closely and will be ready and waiting when you arrive.

Meet and Greet Chauffeur Services

By booking holiday transfers, your break really does not finish until you get right back to your front door!  No more taking a bus to the car park to be walking around to locate your own vehicle.

You driver will meet you in the airport terminal at a pre-arranged meeting point, carrying a board with your name on.  You will also receive a text message, giving you all the drivers details in case you cannot locate them in the busy airport terminal.

Your chauffeur will assist with your luggage and take you back to your vehicle, and you can sit back and relax until you get to the door.  For added luxury, why not add in our service of collecting you some bread and milk to be ready for you on your arrival back home?  Remember those times when all you want is a cup of tea when you get in?  Our chauffeurs have it covered!

For all your holiday transfer needs, look no further than Milton Executive Cars.  Having provided our clients with airport transfers for nearly 30 years, you are in safe hands.  If you would like to get a quote for your trip, or would like to go and book, please visit our online web tool or call us on 01223 525354.