By pre-booking an airport transfer service, you know you will have a chauffeur waiting for you in arrivals ready to take you and your luggage to the parked vehicle without any hassle.

Booking a private airport transfer is essential for a smooth and stress-free journey to and from the airport. Instead of having to wait in taxi ranks or phone around on the morning, you can pre-book an executive vehicle to take you to your destination in style.

When you pre-book an airport transfer in advance, you can relax knowing there will be a professional chauffeur waiting for you and a dedicated team in the background to ensure everything goes smoothly for you.

What are airport transfers?

Airport transfers are a pre-booked service that take you to and from the airport to your destination. 

Instead of waiting in taxi ranks when you get off the plane, you will be met by a professional chauffeur in arrivals who will take you and your luggage to the parked vehicle before taking you to your required destination, whether that’s to your home or a hotel.

So, how do airport transfers actually work?

When you pre-book airport transfers, you will receive a confirmation email with all your journey details on. It will also include information on where your chauffeur will be standing on your return in the specific terminal at the airport.

Take a look below at our frequently asked questions on how our airport transfers work.

Flying out of the UK

When will I know my driver is here?

Our chauffeurs will always be around 10 minutes early to your pick-up. Once they have arrived, you will receive a text which includes their name, contact number, registration number and a photo to ensure they are easily identifiable. 

We will never knock on your door unless required, therefore please make your way to the vehicle when you are ready and the chauffeur will get out and load the boot with your luggage and open the doors for you to get inside.

Can I add an extra pick-up stop on the way?

Although it is best to let us know in advance if you have an extra pick-up on the way so we can let you know the altered price, we can stop at another address on the day. 

Just let the chauffeur know as soon as you get in the vehicle and he will be able to let the team in the office know so they can update the booking.

What happens if we get stuck in traffic on the way to the airport?

We monitor live traffic throughout the day and all our chauffeurs use live traffic updates to avoid traffic and accidents as much as possible. Our drivers are also very knowledgeable of the area and often know alternative routes if needed.

However, if an unavoidable accident occurs and you get stuck in traffic, the chauffeur will do their best to get off at the next junction and re-route to help get you there on time.

Where will I get dropped off?

All UK airports have a designated drop-off area in each terminal where we will drop you off. This is the point nearest to the entrance so you won’t have far to go. On arrival, the chauffeur will open the doors for you to get out and will unload your luggage for you.

Flying into the UK

Where will my chauffeur be standing?

The place your chauffeur will stand differs depending on the airport and terminal. When you receive your confirmation email at the time of booking, it will tell you where your chauffeur will be standing. For more information on where our chauffeurs stand at each airport, click here.

How will I know what the chauffeur looks like?

When your chauffeur arrives inside the airport, you will receive a text with the name, contact number and a photo of the driver to make it easier to recognise them.

Will he be holding a board with my name on?

Yes, all our chauffeurs will hold a branded board with your name, or the company name on so you can easily and quickly find them.

What if I take ages to get through customs, will the chauffeur wait for me?

Yes, our chauffeurs will never leave you. As per our policy, the chauffeur will wait for one hour after the flight lands free of charge for you to come through customs.

If for any reason it takes you longer than one hour to come through after the flight lands, this time will be chargeable. However, if you know you would like a shower or have a meeting after your flight, let us know and we can ask the driver to go in later so you will not be charged any unnecessary waiting time.

Can I ask the chauffeur to come into the airport later to save parking charges?

Yes. We recommend that if you want to save money on parking charges and expect to take longer coming through customs, let us know at the time of booking how long after the flight lands you would like the chauffeur to go in and we can arrange this.

I have someone with me I wasn’t expecting, can they come? Can we do an extra drop-off?

As long as the vehicle chosen at the time of booking can accommodate an extra passenger, this will be fine. Just let our chauffeur know when they collect you what extra address they need to stop off at and they will let the office team know to amend the booking.

If you would like to book an airport transfer with us go to our homepage, or if you prefer, please give us a call on 01223 525354 or email