Make travelling with children less stressful by booking a chauffeur for your airport transfers, days out or special occasions.

Travelling with children can be a challenge. Arguments in the back of the car, having to stop to feed, trying to keep them entertained. It’s enough to make anyone pull their hair out. Especially when trying to get to the airport on time and making sure you haven’t forgotten anything crucial.

Booking one of our chauffeurs can make travelling with children a lot less stressful. Not only will you be able to focus on them and deter any squabbles between siblings, you will also be dropped off straight at your destination without the worry of parking. Here are five ways Milton Executive Cars can help you when travelling with children.

Child seats

Although we are unable to provide car seats for you due to regulations, we are happy to look after yours while you are away. For example, if you use us for airport transfers, we can keep your car seats safe and bring them with us when we pick you up on your return, saving you the stress of taking them with you.


Whether you are treating your child for their birthday or taking your new-born on a plane, save the worry of parking with us. We will drop you off right outside your destination, which if you have kids, can be a luxury. Especially at the airport, you won’t need to worry about parking and getting the bus into the terminal with little ones, instead you can walk straight in and start your journey.

Free wifi

All our vehicles have free wifi, so whether your child wants to stream a movie or play games, you don’t have to worry about them using all your data.

Comfortable ride

Arguing siblings can be very off-putting while driving – especially when you have an early morning flight and everyone’s tired. By booking one of our chauffeurs, you not only save yourself the worry, you will also arrive on time, stress-free and ready to tackle the airport.

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