If you need a chauffeur for hire, look no further than our professional, reliable and personable chauffeurs who are ready to go the extra mile for you.

Our chauffeurs are what set us apart. Of course they are all fully licensed and have been trained to the highest standard, but they are also personable, friendly and have the highest levels of customer service. When you book a chauffeur for hire, you will receive a professional who will always make you feel relaxed and at ease, know when to make conversation or to leave you to have some privacy. 

Although all our chauffeurs must take an advanced driving test as well as having DBS and medical checks among other things to qualify to get a license, they pride themselves on getting to know our clients and creating that special bond which leads to loyalty, trust and a reputable chauffeur service

We are proud of our chauffeurs and thought we would give them the recognition they deserve by giving you more of an insight into who they are and how they came to work for us at Milton Executive Cars. Many of them have interesting pasts and have stories that never fail to make us smile!

We thought we would start with our two newest drivers, Steve and Darren, who joined us in 2019. Although they haven’t been with us long, they have both already created a fantastic impression with our clients and are both reliable and great company. So, if you’re looking for a chauffeur to hire, you will be in safe hands with these two.


Steve joined us in May 2019 and has been a professional driver for over 25 years. As a young, 16-year-old, he joined The Royal Corps of Transport within the British Army where he was a HGV driver, then office staff car driver until he left at 20. After his stint in the army, Steve worked in retail management for ten years, where he gained valuable skills in customer service which he uses today as a chauffeur.

Steve started to drive again as a wedding and vintage car driver, before he joined a few chauffeur companies in Cambridge which led him to drive everyone – from celebrities to government officials to royalty. As Steve said: “Lowest point Katie Price, highest point Duke of Edinburgh!” 

However, after having a heart attack aged 50, Steve wanted a change of lifestyle and after trying to be a taxi driver, which was not for him, he joined us at Milton Executive Cars. Steve drives his Black Mercedes Estate for us and enjoys how he has more control over his work now. 

With over 25 years experience in professional driving, you are in safe hands with Steve. He is advanced and defensive driver trained and used to drive with a police escort in London! Although Steve is new to the Milton family, he is a well-respected part of the team who is always reliable, on time and professional.


Darren joined us in October 2019 after working in London for a wholesales company as a driver then Manager for 27 years. Gaining extensive knowledge of London while driving and planning routes for other drivers, Darren is confident driving in the capital and is the perfect choice for London business travel.

After running an excellent team at the wholesales company which delivered products throughout the south of the UK, Darren wanted a change and always liked the idea of being a chauffeur. Not only because it is a better work/life balance, but also because he wanted to spend more time with his young family.

Luckily for Darren, his previous work experience has lead him to become a knowledgable chauffeur who delivers high standards of service – a quality that is very important to him. He said: “Delivering the standard of service I would expect to receive is really important to me”. Darren’s favourite part of being a chauffeur is meeting different clients everyday and he loves that no two days are the same.

With extensive driving experience and knowledge of routes, you are in more than capable hands with Darren. He also receives many comments about how comfortable his Mercedes E-Class is, so if you are coming from a long-haul flight, he is the perfect choice. Although Darren hasn’t been with us long, he is an invaluable part of our team who is efficient, friendly and always provides a quality chauffeur service.

Book a chauffeur for hire now for your airport transfersexecutive travel or personal trips by calling us on 01223 525354 or email info@miltonexecutivecars.com.