Are you visiting the UK soon and not sure whether to book a chauffeur or hire a car rental? Both have their pros and cons but we believe booking a chauffeur is the best option for comfort, easiness and productivity while you’re here.

What would you rather do? Find where to pick up a rental car, drive in a foreign country and stress about directions, or be met at the airport by a professional chauffeur who will take you to your hotel in comfort and style? 

We know what we would choose.

If you’re visiting the UK soon for business or leisure, booking a chauffeur in advance to collect you from the airport can ensure your arrival is smooth, on time and easy to navigate.

Rather than having to locate where to pick up your car rental, one of our chauffeurs will meet you at arrivals holding a board with your name on and ready to take your luggage.

The chauffeur will be easily identifiable as you will receive a text on arrival with their name, contact number and a photo of them.

Nothing could be easier – but these are just practical reasons – see below how booking a chauffeur will make your experience the best it can be while you’re in the UK.


Travel is exhausting. Imagine if your flight was delayed and you still had to drive to your destination by yourself in the UK when landed. Not only is this stressful for you, but it could also be unsafe.

For your own wellbeing, booking a chauffeur for your airport transfers will relieve you of any stress or worry about travel as you will be taken from A to B without any hassle. On your way to the hotel you can recharge and relax in the spacious backseats and even rest your eyes if you need to.

The chauffeur will make sure the vehicle is at optimum temperature for you and will give you all the privacy you need.

Waste no time

Are you only coming to the UK for a day? If you are flying into the UK for an important meeting and will return back to your country the same evening, then waste no time with car rentals. 

Let one of our chauffeurs meet you on arrival and take you to your meeting without any hold-ups. We know you will most likely be through customs very quickly as you will only have hand luggage so we will make sure we are there when the flight lands, like always. 

Once you have located your chauffeur, they will ensure your ride is smooth, comfortable and with no hiccups along the way.


Do you like to get work done while travelling? All our executive vehicles have spacious interiors with plenty of room to work on your laptop if needed. We know that time is essential when working on an important project, so whether you need to send a few emails or have an important business call, be assured your privacy will be respected.

Depending on where you are going to in the UK, the time spent travelling by car can be up to several hours and if you are chauffeured you can use this time to get things done. Whereas if you hired a car, you would have to navigate and drive yourself, leaving no time to feel in control and ready for your next move when you arrive at your destination. 

Duty of care

You’re safe with us. Our chauffeurs are all fully licensed and have been thoroughly tested and DBS checked to ensure passenger safety. They all have advanced driving certificates and are professional at all times.

If you have never driven in the UK before, hiring a rental car can be stressful and a bit scary if you do not know the UK’s highway code. Therefore, why not let us take you where you need to go? Save yourself any accidents and let one of our experienced chauffeurs drive you to your destination, where you can arrive relaxed, happy and ready.

Time matters

Airport transfers are our most popular service. This means our chauffeurs know these routes like the back of their hand. They all track live traffic to ensure there are no hold-ups either way or if there are, they know where to take an alternative route to avoid it.

If you hired a car, would you know the back routes? This is another reason why letting a professional chauffeur you is sensible. Booking with us means you will arrive to your destination on time and on the best route possible.

We understand that time is important to you and have no intention of wasting it.


Booking a chauffeur means you get perks. We want your journey to be as comfortable and enjoyable as possible and are always striving for ways to do this for you.

Once you are in the car, your chauffeur will offer you a free bottle of water as well as the code to the free onboard wifi to use at your leisure. Now, you can’t do that in a car rental can you?

So, sit back, relax and let us chauffeur you to your destination where you will arrive in comfort, luxury and style.

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