Stansted Airport Chauffeur

One of the most common airports our clients use for their business and holiday transfers, is Stansted Airport.

With the transfer time from Cambridge to Stansted being only 45 minutes, it is convenient for those short business trips or families travelling on their annual holiday. Here we explain why it makes sense to book a Stansted Airport Chauffeur and what you can expect.

Why should I book a Taxi to Stansted?

When looking at how you will make the journey, there are several options to consider:

  • Drive yourself and pay airport parking
  • Take the train
  • Book a Stansted Airport Chauffeur

If you decide to use your own vehicle to make your journey, you will need to find suitable airport parking. With the average length of a family holiday being around 10 days, you can expect to pay around £115.00 for your airport parking. With this option, you would need to catch the shuttle bus from the car park to the airport terminal and leave home earlier to reflect the checking in of your vehicle and the transfer to the airport.

If that does not appeal, you could look at taking the train. For a return ticket, you can expect to pay approximately £23.00 per person for your rail tickets, meaning a family of 4 can travel for around £70.00 return. For the price conscious, this could be an option. There is no need to wait for a bus to transfer you to the airport terminal, you can walk there in a few minutes. However, the Stansted trains stopping around midnight, if you have a late-night flight, then the worry of your flight arriving late is possible not a stress you need when returning from a relaxing holiday.

The other option is to book a taxi Cambridge to Stansted and return. Your Stansted Airport Chauffeur will arrive just before your agreed pick-up time to give you peace of mind, load your luggage and transfer you to Stansted in 45 minutes from Cambridge. With the benefit of being chauffeur driven door to door, you can start and end your trip in a relaxed fashion. Simply wake up, check your passports and tickets, and be transported to your destination.  On arrival back at Stansted Airport, there is no need to wait for buses or trains. Your driver will provide a full meet and greet service in the airport terminal, take you the short walk to the car, and have you home in approximately 45 minutes. No waiting for the next train or shuttle bus. I can also work out cheaper than driving yourself!

Additional Perks

With a taxi Cambridge to Stansted, you benefit from our free WiFi. Perfect for that business trip where you just need to send those last few emails, or for keeping the excited children entertained. When booking us as your holiday transfer, if you are travelling with children, bring your own child seats along and we will bring them back with us on the return trip!


What happens if my flight is early or delayed?

Our Meet and Greet service requires your flight number on booking your airport transfer.  This gives us the ability to track your flight and change your pick-up time accordingly. Once your flight has landed, your driver will text you to let you know they have arrived. From there, you are given 60 minutes free waiting time, to allow you to collect your luggage and get through the security checks. We understand that sometimes this can take longer. If that happens, please call us to let us know and the driver will continue to wait for you.

How much will it cost?

For a Mercedes E-Class or equivalent executive car, our standard price from Cambridge to Stansted is £47.50 plus the airport drop off fee and VAT.  For your return taxi Stansted to Cambridge, the same price applies with the airport parking added on top. To reduce parking costs, we can leave a note on your booking for the driver to enter the airport terminal 15-20 minutes after the flight landing time. Prices are also available before you book, on our web booking tool at the top of this page.

Can I pay in the car?

All our airport transfers are pre-booked, so you can put your booking to your company invoiced account or you can secure your booking by providing your card details. You card is debited after the trip has taken place, and an e-receipt sent to the email address provided at the point of booking.

What car should I expect?

Our fleet comprises mainly of E-Class Mercedes or 7-seater V-Class Mercedes. We also can provide S-Class Mercedes if you are looking to add a little bit of luxury to your airport transfer and we also have 8-seater MPV’s for larger groups. If you have a requirement for coaches, please call our office and we would be happy to help with this.

The next time you are looking to book a taxi Cambridge to Stansted or a Stansted to Cambridge taxi, please call us at Milton Executive Cars.  With nearly 30 years’ experience in chauffeuring, you can be assured of a first class airport transfer every time.