Our chauffeur car services offer only the best to our clientele, however, in order to supply this executive service we have to ensure that our vehicles fit the right profile.

Each of our vehicles is immaculate and well maintained however if you are looking to use our chauffeur car services you may be interested to learn more about the vehicles we offer. For your journey we can supply MPV’s, Mercedes E Classes and S Classes, each looks the part and deliver an executive experience to each passenger.

Our MPV’s

Comfortable, spacious and well equipt for larger group travels our MPV’s offer dual-zone climate control and heated front seats as well as tinted windows for added privacy. This vehicle includes seven seats that can manoeuvre so that meetings can take place while en route to your destination. There are both front and rear armrests and adjustable lumbar supports situated in the front.

The MPV’s safety features include both front and side airbags, adjustable 3 point seatbelts and seat belt and passenger occupancy sensors. Also equipt with cup holders and a sunroof this vehicle is ideal for any journey length and has ample space to tend to your travel needs.

Our Mercedes E-Class

With its curved, flowing design our E-Class’s are immaculate offering soft leather seating and easy to adjust temperature controls as well as heated front seating. With four doors and space for up to 4 passengers, this vehicle is ideally suited for any journey.

To give you peace of mind our E-Class vehicles have both front and side airbags, seat occupancy sensors and seatbelt warning lights. We may have various colours of E-Class available, but each includes the above safety features.

Our Mercedes S-Class

Impeccable in design and drive our S-Class has a number of remarkable features such as its soft leather interior and top of the range vehicle controls. Providing complete comfort with its adjustable temperature controls, adjustable lumbar positioning, and heated seats this vehicle is everything you can expect and more.

The safety features included in this vehicle are adjustable 3 point seatbelts, front and rear head restraints, front, side and window airbags as well as rear seatbelt warning indicators. For added privacy, our S-Class also has tinted windows and includes an adjustable back seat armrest with drink holders.

Each of our vehicles is regularly checked to ensure they are road worthy as well as clean to give you peace of mind that you are safe. We will also provide you with free on board WIFI and bottled water.

For more information on our chauffeur services or our fleet, please contact us today.