Have you ever wondered what a chauffeur service really includes? What makes them so different to a local taxi? Well not only do they dress differently, they also work differently. Find out here 9 things you may not have known about chauffeurs.

Our chauffeur service goes above and beyond. We care about you and every journey you take and that’s why we place the utmost importance in finding the best chauffeurs for you. We provide an executive travel service we are proud of and our chauffeurs are at the forefront of that.

What do chauffeurs do?

Chauffeurs are hired professionals who provide a first-class service in taking you from one place to another. They assist with luggage, open and close the doors for you and try to make your executive travel as comfortable as possible.

Chauffeurs care about their clients and will respect their privacy as well as have a friendly chat if wanted. They are experts in communication and will always know what you would prefer. At the start of each journey they will offer you free bottled water and the code to the free onboard wifi. 

During the journey, they will track live traffic to make sure it is as trouble-free as possible with no hold ups. They are also well-trained drivers who all have unique driving styles to ensure safe and smooth travel.

Once you arrive at your destination, they will open the door for you and unload any luggage. Our team in the office always charge payment after the journey has taken place so there will be no exchanging money with your chauffeur to ensure a sleek and stress-free arrival.

What are chauffeur responsibilities?

Chauffeurs are responsible for the safety of their passengers and to make sure their experience is as good as possible. As of 2020, all chauffeurs are required to take a safeguarding course to ensure they know how to look out for the most vulnerable. They are also responsible for making sure the client is as happy as possible and that they meet all their needs.

They are also responsible for keeping their vehicles sparkling clean for every journey. It is essential that our chauffeurs make sure the car is cleaned in-between each journey so that every client gets the best service. They are also responsible for making sure all vehicle checks are completed on time, such as MOT’s, compliance tests, insurance and tax.

Chauffeurs are also responsible for renewing their private hire driver licenses and the office team check this by keeping an up-to-date record of all chauffeur documents so they know everyone is licensed properly. These nuts and bolts of our chauffeur service is what makes our company reputable, safe and reliable.

What do chauffeurs wear?

Professional chauffeurs take pride in their appearance and will always be well groomed and suited up. As a standard, you can expect our chauffeurs to wear a dark suit and tie that is well fitted, pressed and professional.

What is the difference between a chauffeur and a driver?

A driver takes you to your destination without the frills. They are simply the operator of a vehicle and drive you from A to B. Whereas a chauffeur serves you. A chauffeur is a professional who is hired to drive and cares about customer service. They have undergone thorough testing by the local council and are responsible for their actions.

Often a taxi driver can just become interested in fares and how much it is from one place to another, whereas chauffeurs are there to assist and help in anyway to make your executive travel as comfortable as possible. From opening the doors for you and assisting with luggage, to making the car the optimum temperature and offering you free bottled water, chauffeurs go the extra mile.

Find out more on the differences on our blog here.

What cars do chauffeurs drive?

Our chauffeurs drive luxury, executive vehicles and the Mercedes E-Class is our standard. We also have Mercedes S-Class’s, BMW’s and Audi’s on our fleet. 

Find out more information about our fleet here.

What do chauffeurs do while waiting?

Sometimes our chauffeurs need to wait at airports in-between jobs or in a particular city when they have a return – but what do they do in their spare time? Many of our chauffeurs like to be active and will use this time to train in the gym, don’t worry though they shower afterwards! Others enjoy culture and like to explore a city if they have not been there much before. Whereas some like to just hang out at a coffee house, relaxing and catching up on the days news.

We try to limit the time spent waiting in-between jobs as much as possible for our chauffeurs so they can finish their day earlier.

How much is it to hire a chauffeur driven car?

Hiring a chauffeur may not be as expensive as you think. Prices vary depending on the journey and are subject to VAT. Click here to find out a price for your journey.

Who uses chauffeurs?

Anyone can use a chauffeur. We have been serving the Cambridge community for almost 30 years and although our clients are mainly business executives, we also provide leisure travel too.

We often take bookings for airport transfers for family holidays as they know they will get the best chauffeur service with us and it’s this reputation that makes our clients so loyal.

Do you need a chauffeur?

If you travel frequently and want a chauffeur service that gets you their on time, always turns up and gives you the excellent customer service from start to finish, then yes, you do need a chauffeur.

Although taking a taxi is cheaper, it all depends on what you want from your journey. Do you want your chauffeur to be there waiting for you 10 minutes before you journey starts? Do you want a luxurious, plate exempt vehicle picking up and creating the right first impression to those your meeting? Do you want to feel safe, secure and comfortable on every journey?

If you want an executive chauffeur service that is reliable and professional, then please get in touch today or book on our homepage now by clicking here.