Chauffeur Driven Car Hire is becoming more popular

The “new normal” as it is being called, is here. We are all doing certain things differently due to the global circumstances we find ourselves in. With all the concerns over cleanliness and sanitisation, we are finding that more and more people are turning away from their normal mode of transport, and opting for chauffeur driven car hire instead.

Many passengers and businesses alike, are concerned with safety and are therefore turning away from the usual train journey from Cambridge to London or alternative destinations, and opting for a chauffeur to drive them, therefore avoiding the heavily congested passenger trains.

What can I expect from my Chauffeur Driven car?

As always, you can expect your Milton Executive Cars chauffeur to arrive at least 5-10 minutes early for the pick-up, to reassure you that your journey can start as soon as you are ready.

Your car will have free on-board WiFi, to help keep you entertained on your journey. Unfortunately, we have taken the decision to remove bottled water and any reading material from the cars whilst the current situation continues.

Your chauffeur will confirm the journey with you before leaving and have pre-planned the route they will be taking, having taken in to account any live traffic. If there is a specific route you would like to take, please advise the driver who would be happy to accommodate.

What hygiene measures are in place?

All our executive cars are cleaned and sanitised inside before every trip, so you can be assured of a safe space when getting in to one of our vehicles. On the outside, particular attention is paid to wiping down anything that will have been touched, such as door handles.

Your driver will be wearing a mask to protect you whilst you are in the car. Most passengers are also choosing to wear masks too.

Regarding social distancing, handshakes are not happening for now, instead the verbal greeting and a smile will have to take its place.


One of the most popular reasons for booking chauffeur driven car hire is for business meetings. Although overseas business travel is not so busy, domestic travel is certainly picking up.

Where clients are to attend other offices for daily business meetings, booking a business chauffeur is being considered by companies to be the safest option for the transportation of their employees.  Where the meeting is over in the day, our half-day or full-day hire options are certainly worth considering, and if your meeting finishes early, your driver is ready to take you home or back to the office whenever you are ready.

Courier Services

During lockdown, we had many clients requesting our services to transport workplace equipment to employees who were working from home. That work is still continuing with employers extending the period of time some team members will continue working from home. When we are transporting your equipment, you can be confident that it is only passing through one pair of hands, making this one of the safest ways of distribution.

What we have really enjoyed, is being asked to courier care packages to employees. Some of our clients have been looking at what they can do to help their employees in this uncertain time, and we have been happy to deliver those care packages for them.  Visiting some of our clients that we have not seen in many months with a box of goodies really brightened our day.

Day Tours

After a long time stuck in, we have conducted some day tours from Cambridge to Oxford and also Cambridge to London

Steeped in history, both cities have lots of lovely sights to see.  Whether you prefer to do a full day tour in the car if you are still cautious about walking the streets, or whether you require your driver to take you into the city and to be left to your own devices for a few hours, we can arrange the perfect day to get you out and about.

Cambridge Taxis

We are also pleased to extend our chauffeur driven car hire to local Cambridge taxi services. This is a service that we have always provided our current clients with, so they can take advantage of our range of executive cars and have full confidence that we give every journey the same first-class service.

We are seeing more demand for this service now people are gradually returning to work and moving between local Cambridge offices during the day.  Booking a local journey with us gives you the confidence that your short journey will go as smoothly as your airport transfer, and you have the benefit of knowing that our strict COVID safety and sanitising processes are in place.

With the travel industry halted for such an unprecedented amount of time, we are delighted to be providing essential chauffeur services to our clients once again.  If you have a requirement for chauffeur driven car hire in Cambridgeshire, please call us to discuss your needs, or go to our website and click book online to get a fast and accurate quote for your trip.