Book your holiday taxis with Milton Executive Cars and start your holiday in style. Whether you are going from Cambridge to Stansted or another UK airport, book a Mercedes E-Class or an 8-seater now.

Your family holiday is coming up and you want it to be perfect. We know. After all, you only go abroad once a year and want it to be as stress-free, fun and rejuvenating as possible.

But there’s always so much to organise. From worrying about where to park, to trying to remember if all your suitcases fit in the boot, the morning of your holiday can be a stressful time.

What shall we do with the car seat? What if there’s an accident on the way down to Stansted airport and we don’t make our flight? What if our return flight goes into another airport? (Yes, this can and does happen).

From the moment you wake up, all you want to do is get everyone dressed and out the door with all your belongings, tickets and luggage and make it to the airport on time.

It’s not much to ask, is it?

Booking a holiday taxi can help ease this stress and make sure your journey is smooth and comfortable. Let a professional chauffeur pack your luggage into the boot while you sit and relax inside. Surf the internet at your leisure on the journey instead of panicking about directions. Know you are in the capable hands of a team who are dedicated to getting you to the airport on time.

Whether you are going from Cambridge to Stansted, Heathrow, Luton or Gatwick, we are well adversed in providing airport transfers to Cambridge’s biggest businesses on a daily basis and guarantee a timely arrival. Let us provide you the same service…

Start your holiday in style

Treat you and your family to a chauffeur service this holiday and receive the first-class experience you all deserve. Our chauffeurs are always professionally dressed and arrive in an executive vehicle such as a Mercedes E-Class, Audi or BMW.

You will receive a text upon the chauffeurs arrival giving you the name, contact number and registration number to make them as easily identifiable as possible. Our drivers will always wait for you, so when you are ready, make your way to the vehicle and the chauffeur will greet you, take your luggage and open the doors for you, ready to start your journey.

Don’t risk driving tired

We all know how important it is to stay alert when driving. However, for the average person who doesn’t normally have to get up and drive in the early hours of the morning, it can be quite a shock to the system. Let us take safe care of you by letting one of our well-trained drivers to take you to the airport and back. 

As our most popular service, our chauffeurs are very used to doing airport transfers any time of the day and always take appropriate rest times in-between jobs. Who knows, you may even be able to have a kip in the car.

Save on hotel costs and airport parking

If you usually stay in an airport hotel for piece of mind before you fly out the next day, why not save the money and book a holiday taxi from Cambridge instead? Not only will it cost less, it will also save you on the stress and cost of airport parking. 

We will drop you off at the correct terminal in the area right outside the airport so you can simply walk in. On your return, we will meet you inside the airport with your name on a board and take you to the parked vehicle before making our way to your home. 

Let us do all the planning for you

Don’t worry about traffic or delayed flights, that’s our job. At the time of booking we ask for your flight details so we can plan what time you should leave for the advised check-in time and on the day, we track your flight to see if it is delayed or coming in early.

Our drivers also check live traffic and are knowledgeable of the routes so know where to go incase their is a hold up on the way.

Fly into one airport and out another to reduce flight costs

Did you know that it is often cheaper to fly out of one airport and into another? This is a little travel hack seasoned travellers know well. Therefore, why not see if you can get a good deal on flights and let us take you and pick you up from different airports?

That means there will be no worrying about finding a lift or moving your car in-between airports, we will simply meet you in the arrivals hall and be on our way.

Car seats

Did you know we can look after your car seat while you are away? We know it is not always convenient to take them on holiday with you and are happy to look after them until you return.

Similarly, if you forgot to take one with you and need your car seat for the return, let us know as soon as possible and we will make the arrangements to pick it up for you from your home address so we have it for your return.

Book your holiday taxis online, give us a call on 01223 525354 or email